Sophie Linden, Hibo Wardere and me at the mural launch

I was commissioned by Kelmscott school in Walthamstow to paint a mural on one of their playground walls. The mural was launched by Sophie Linden, London's Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

The theme for the mural was an anti-FGM message. Local FGM campaigner Hibo Wardere came to the school to give Year 9 a talk about her own personal experience of FGM, and afterwards there were creative workshops where the students were given paper and coloured pens and worked in groups to create visual messages on what they'd learned about FGM.

One of the pictures created during the workshop. (The loudhailer appears in my mural design.)

Hibo Wardere with work by one of the Year 9 students. A world globe appeared in many drawings, and features in my final mural design.

From these workshops, I selected around 15 students to attend two further creative workshops with me, where we discussed ideas and drew possible designs for a mural. From these drawings I came up with a design which the school approved.

Hibo gives the mural her approval

The globe is covered in female symbols to represent the global issue of FGM.

My mural design, which incorporated the students ideas