Rainbow mural at St Augustine's School
In October 2014 I was commissioned by St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School in Fulham to paint a mural on their playground wall. The design for the mural was based on pictures by four of the children at the school, who won a competition to have their pictures and words recreated on the playground wall.

I used elements from each of the four pictures and combined them to create one design for the wall. The school celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2014, so they asked me to also include their school crest and motto, and the dates.

I wanted all the children at the school to help me paint a section of the mural, so I designed a world globe which would be entirely made up of handprints. I painted the hands of all 220 children, and the staff, and together we painted the whole world! It's one of my favourite parts of any mural I've painted during my career.