Walthamstow marshes Little Free Library

In September 2015 the Little Free Library people commissioned me to paint my sixth little library. I was especially pleased to be asked as this library was destined for some lovely friends of mine, and the theme was Walthamstow marshes - possibly my favourite place in my home town.

Bill and Ed gave me a very specific brief. They sent me some of their favorite photos of the marshes, including one of them walking their dog. Bill also wanted me to add pictures to some real and imaginary tales of the marshes: a viking ship on the canal; a bear hidden in a bush; the first flight of a tri-plane.

I was really pleased with the result, as were the new owners of the little free library, which you can find on Springfield Road in Walthamstow. Bill wrote a lovely piece about it on his Walthamstow Diary blog: https://walthamstowdiary.com/2015/10/04/little-free-library/