Made in Dagenham!
In December 2014 I was commissioned by Openspace to paint a playground floor mural at William Bellamy School in Dagenham. The brief was for something bright and colourful which would link all the different school years together, and involve groups of Year 3 and 4 children in painting some parts of the mural.

The seven years at the school are represented by different colours, so I came up with a design which shows seven paths in all the relevant colours, meeting in the middle with intertwined swirls. Around the paths are around 50 different shapes, each to be filled with paintings by the children.

For two weeks I held workshops with nine classes from years 3 and 4 (around 250 children), exploring the themes of favourite subjects at school, and favourite thing about William Bellamy School. The children produced drawings, and from these around 45 pictures were selected to be transferred to the playground floor.

I then spent two weeks outside painting the paths and shapes onto the playground floor, and working with small groups of children to add their pictures to the floor.

It was VERY cold outside, and windy most of the time too, so I was extremely impressed by the bravery of the children as they knelt outside to complete their paintings! Everyone agreed though that they'd had lots of fun and really enjoyed the experience.

My trainers and jeans after two weeks painting with a roller.

I was honoured to be included in one of the drawings!