Forest Recycling Project one day murals
Since 2012 Forest Recycling Project have commissioned me to work with them to design and paint five murals in urban gardens and outside areas around London. FRP are based in Walthamstow and supply recycled household paints:

The idea for the project was for artists to collaborate and work with local communities to produce a mural design, then paint the mural in one day using only recycled household emulsion paints.

This was a challenge for me, as I rarely work with other mural artists, had never painted an entire mural in one day, and I usually use acrylic paints. It turned out to be a really fun and exciting project to work on, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

We've painted murals in Barking, Hackney, Newham, Woodford and Walthamstow. A selection of photographs are shown below.

Orchard Housing Estate, Woodford. March 2015

I designed and painted this mural myself. The brief was for a cheerful and colourful scene based on nature and countryside. Using "Orchard" as a theme, I painted a tree with many different orchard fruits. The panel will be fixed to a community garden wall this summer, and the plan is to plant sunflowers beneath it so that they grow to eventually mingle with the painted versions.

Quaker Meeting House, Walthamstow.

This mural was designed by me, and painted by FRP's Alice Cunningham and me.

The children from the group added their handrpints as flowers, and the whole group aged from 14 months to 81 years added their hand prints to the vine I painted above the doorway.

Gascoigne Children's Centre, Barking

This mural was designed by me, and painted by artist Anna Ilsley and me.

Staff and work experience students added their handprints to the design.

The wooden boards will be fixed to a wall in the Centre's garden.

Rhode's Estate Community Garden, Hackney

This mural was designed by me, and painted by FRP's Alice Cunningham and me.

The mural was finished in the dark at 7pm (we'd been rained and hailed off during the day!), hence the poor quality of picture. Whoever said being a mural artist was easy...

Community Garden, Newham

This mural was designed by FRP's Alice Cunningham and some of the residents of the community garden. Alice and I painted the main mural, and residents helped to paint parts of the background and the fabulous fox. I was very proud of my vegetable paintings!