fairy grotto & castle murals


This mural was created for a little girl who loves all things pink and sparkly, and fairies in particular. I created a fairy grotto for her, with fairies dancing across the mantlepiece and gossiping on a magnolia branch. I was told she enjoyed tales from Greek mythology, so I also included a flying Pegasus. Her mum asked me to include her daughter somewhere in the design, so she became the Fairy Queen, sitting on the largest flower. I used a special silver glitter gel for the fairy wings, and silver paint for Pegasus.






This little boy wanted a castle for his knights to play on.  This mural looks deceptively simple - infact each brick was painted individually, taking more than five hours to paint.  Fabric flags and wooden battlements and drawbridge were added afterwards to make the castle look even more realistic, and enable the mural to become interactive.