what paints do you use?


I use emulsion paints for any large background areas, and acrylic paints for the majority of the design. Both paints are washable, but a layer of acrylic varnish gives a final finish. I also use special effect paints, such as glow in the dark, or glitter gel.


how long will it take?


this all depends on the design - a very detailed bedroom mural design that covers all four walls will obviously take longer to paint than a simple design on a single wall. To give you an example, the fairy grotto and castle murals took two full days to complete, the shopping centre mural took four weeks.


how much does a mural cost?


the final cost depends on how long it takes to paint, and if any special effect paints are used. I have an all inclusive daily rate of £250 per day (which includes everything: consultation, producing concept designs, all materials) plus travel expenses.


do I have to prepare the walls first?


the perfect base for painting a mural is a clean, smooth wall, ideally plaster with a base coat of white emulsion paint. I ask clients to prepare the walls themselves by cleaning with sugar soap at least a day before I start painting, so that the base is completely clean and dry. This ensures longevity of the mural. I am happy to do this for you, for a small charge. Wallpaper is not ideal for painting on as the edges may lift over time, which would spoil the mural. If there are any cracks or holes in the walls, these should be repaired and completely dry before I begin work.


can you paint on canvas?


absolutely! I can paint your chosen design onto canvas. This has the advantage of being portable, so you can move your picture around, and take it with you if you move house. Prices depend on size, please ask for further information.


 if you have any other questions about mural painting I will be happy to help, please contact me:


e-mail:  emma@littleangelsmurals.co.uk 


mobile:  07986 647593